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Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may have noticed that I did not post anything for several months. Actually, after my last investigation, I had considered giving up doing anymore paranormal investigations at all. I deleted my twitter which was dedicated to the paranormal (though now, I wish I hadn’t), took some time off to focus on school and work, took a vacation with my beautiful girlfriend Erica and my family (in Estes Park, Colorado; where I took a few pictures of The Stanley Hotel, that I may post later), and felt rejuvenated. When I returned, I finally posted the brief report of my last investigation at the Indian Creek Trail, which was my 3rd visit there. I’m hesitant to say that was my final visit there for an investigation, but with a strong lack of evidence each time I’ve went, I don’t see a reason to do a 4th investigation there.

After feeling rejuvenated and after our 1st club meeting of the semester for our Anthropology of the Paranormal club, I’m feeling as eager as ever to do more investigations. I have been invited by my friends in S.P.O.O.KS to do another investigation at the Harris-Kearney House in a couple of weeks, and I will be taking them up on their offer. I had some great evidence last time, which has been in my mind ever since. The Harris-Kearney investigation is the reason why I do these investigations. While Waverly Hills may have been the creepiest place I’ve been, the Harris-Kearney house solidified the reason why I enjoy doing these things; feeling the flick on my collar, the room divider nearly falling on fellow investigator, Brittany; I can’t explain those things. And I want to go back.

Speaking of the Anthropology of the Paranormal club, it seems I have been voted in as an officer this semester. I’ve been put in charge of a few tasks this semester, including helping prepared for club events around Halloween and booking some local investigations. So, I will be pretty busy working on a lot of projects this year. I have one more year at my school (2 semesters) before I transfer, so I will have at least 2 semesters in the club (possibly a 3rd, since there is a 6 month leeway of being able to stay in club if you are no longer a student at that school). 

Expect more frequent updates on this page. You can follow me on my personal twitter account @jasonsaurus, though, I’m considering recreating my twitter specifically for the paranormal. If I do, I will update everyone, and let everyone know about it on my own twitter.

Place: Indian Creek Trails (Public Park)

Location: Overland Park, Kansas – Near 103rd & Metcalf

Date: March 22, 2014; 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm

# of Investigators: 3

Reason for Investigation: This is the 3rd time that I have investigated this specific area. I was told by a very reliable source that this area may be haunted by spirits or possibly an elemental. I didn’t get much evidence in the first two investigations, so I thought I take two friends with me and try again for a 3rd time.

History: Centered around the Indian Creek Reservation Center, Indian Creek Trails walking/biking path is about 17 miles long and is still being extended into Olathe. The section that we investigated is about 3/4 of a mile and contains an overpass where 103rd street runs over as well as a wooden bridge, where a lot of the paranormal activity has been reported to occur.

Investigation: I won’t make this very long, because frankly, there wasn’t much activity. We brought an EVP recorder, camera, and video with us, but we didn’t get anything worth of note. There were a couple of times were we thought we had heard something strange, but debunked it as bugs in the area. It also didn’t help that one of my friends that I brought along was trying to play a trick on me and tamper with evidence. I’m all for playing tricks on fellow investigators. Hell, I’ve done a couple of them myself, as noted during the Harris-Kearney Investigation. But do not tamper with evidence that garners a false response and wastes time.

Conclusion: I became pretty discouraged after this investigation. I began thinking that I was just wasting my time altogether. Some people may agree with me, but I’ve eventually came to the conclusion that I should do what I enjoy. And I enjoy doing paranormal investigations. I’ve met some awesome and interesting people doing this, and I’m going to keep doing it.

Top 10 Haunted Bucket List

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I haven’t really talked to other paranormal investigators / ghost hunters about their Paranormal Bucket List, but I’m pretty sure every investigator who investigate public hauntings have one. We’ve all heard the ghost stories of different places. I mean, that’s how a lot of investigators got into paranormal investigations. The stories they hear, they want to find out if they are true. I’m no different. From the stories that I’ve heard when I was a child to the days of being an adult, I want to know if these haunts are true. Not to mention, going to the scariest places that no other same person would be caught dead in (sometimes literally), adds to the excitement factor. The following list is my Top 10 places that I want to investigate (plus one honorable mention) before I pass to the other side or decide that I’ve had enough; in no particular order:


Waverly Hills (Louisville, Kentucky)

WaverlyhillssanatoriumFor those who read my blogs and reports, you know that I have already investigated Waverly Hills, but I feel like I have unfinished business there. I got sick and passed out during the investigation, so I feel like I need to go back and complete what I started.

Waverly Hills started out as a hospital for tuberculosis patients in 1910. Hundreds of people died in the hospital and they even have a body shoot where they would send their dead to the incinerators. In 1961, Waverly was closed down and quarantined after a cure for TB was discovered. A year later, it was reopened as a geriatric facility and then closed down permanently in 1980. Today, they give tours and let paranormal investigators investigate. They have been talking about renovating it to make it into a hotel.



Villisca Axe Murder House (Villisca, Iowa)

villisca-ax-murder-house1I lived in Omaha, Nebraska for about a year, where everyone knows about the Villisca’s Axe Murder House story. I live in Kansas City now, where Villisca is only about a 2 hour drive.

In 1912, 8 people, including 6 children, were brutally murdered with an ax in this quiet, country home. The murder was never sold, no help to about a 100 people wandering into the house, gawking at the bodies of the dead, before the national guard could close off the area.



Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)

crescent-hotelMy Anthropology professor told me about this hotel. I also know a couple of people who have investigated this place, as well as a couple who got married there. The Crescent is named “America’s Most Haunted Hotel.”

Built in 1886, this hotel was numerous ghost stories attached to it, which was once called Baker Hospital in the late 1930’s, which also contained a morgue.




Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado)

stanleyhotelThe inspiration for the movie, The Shining.

Room 217 is suppose to be the most haunted room in the hotel, which is reportedly haunted by the ex-chief housekeeper.





Myrtle’s Plantation (St. Francisville, Louisiana)

Myrtles_Plantation_LouisianaA plantation that is over 200 years old, once housed a slave owner, his family, and his slaves. Chloe, one of the slaves, was hung outside after she poisoned her master’s family. She was ratted out by the other slaves. Chloe’s ghost is reported the most in the house.






Rolling Hills Asylum (East Bethany, New York)

Rolling_HillsBuilt in 1828, the Rolling Hills Asylum was first, a poorhouse, then an almshouse, before it became an insane asylum. Essentially, it housed the “undesirables.”






The Gargoyle House (Atchison, Kansas)

gargoylehouseI grew up in Topeka, Kansas, which is only about an hour and a half southwest of Atchison. Atchison is also known as the most haunted city in Kansas. The home of Amelia Earhart, this city has a history of a numerous of haunted places. The most popular may be The Sallie House, but for me, The Gargoyle House is higher on the list of places that I want to investigate.

B.P. Waggner built the house in the 1880’s and was rumored to have made a pact with the devil to become wealthy. The next owner after Waggner attempted to remove the “gargoyles,” but instead, he fell to his death. The current owners of the house say that the statues are not gargoyles, but are actually griffins who watch over the house.


The Winchester House (San Jose, California)

Winchester_House_910pxThis is a crazy house. After her husband and child died, Sarah Winchester became so overcome with grief, that she said she she was told to keep building onto her house, or else the ghosts of those who were killed by Winchester rifles, would get her.

This house is easy to get lost in and has stairs and doors leading to nowhere.




Moundsville Penitentiary (Mounsville, West Virginia)

Moundsville PenitentiaryBuilt in 1927, this prison has held thousands on prisoners and have been the location of many horrors and deaths. There have also been a few riots and escapes.






Lemp Mansion (St. Louis, Missouri)

lempmansionBuilt in the 1860’s by the Lemp family after the success of their brewing company, many members of the Lemp family have passed away inside the mansion, including 3 suicides.







Honorable Mention:

Topeka State Hospital (Topeka, Kansas)

tshospFrom my hometown, the Topeka State Hospital has a long horrid past. It operated from 1872 to 1997, with reports of horrible treatment of patients, deaths, and rumors of staff raping the patients. The Topeka State Hospital is closed and you cannot get into the inside, but the grounds are open to the public during the daytime, and some investigators have been able to investigate the cemetery and surrounding grounds. I want to investigate inside, and I am in the process of trying to contact the current owner of the hospital (which I believe, the state owns) to see if it’s possible to investigate inside the building at night time.

Place: Harris-Kearney House (Oldest house in Kansas City / Westport)







Location: 4000 Baltimore in Kansas City, MO

Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014; 1:00pm – 11:00pm

# of Investigators: 12 (2 groups of 6)

Reason for Investigation: S.P.O.O.KS Investigations was holding a class/seminar at the Harris-Kearney House where they spoke of its history and talked a little bit about paranormal investigating. The S.P.O.O.KS people are friends of mine and figured it was a good place to start doing paranormal investigations again. The Westport Historical Society, who owns the Harris-Kearney house just started allowing public investigations due to reports of unexplained sounds and moving objects. S.P.O.O.KS was one of the 1st professional paranormal investigation teams to actually investigate the house.

History: The Harris-Kearney House is the oldest brick house in Kansas City, built in 1855 by Col. John Harris for he and his wife, Henrietta. In 1872, John’s son-in-law Col. Charles E. Kearney and his wife, Josephine Kearney (daughter of Henrietta) moved in so they could help take care of Josephine’s mother. In 1873, Col. John Harris passed away in the house, and Henrietta passed away in the house as well in 1881. Col. Charles Kearney and Josephine lived in the house with their 5 kids for the next 28 years. In 1922, the house was moved a few blocks away to its current location. For more information on the history of The Harris-Kearney House, I recommend taking a tour of it!

Investigation: I arrived at just before 1:00pm to talk to everyone and get in at the beginning of the S.P.O.O.KS class, which was pretty fun. We took a tour of the house at about 2:30pm, then finished the class up at 5:00pm. We then took a dinner break and returned at 6:30pm, right around dusk.


The investigation started out slow. Our group first went into the parlor section of the house, which had a piano. Brittany  was trying to work with the flashlight method when we thought we heard a knock. I did not catch any EVPs at that time,  but I caught 2 knocks again a few minutes later. In this audio recording, you can hear Brittany stomp once, then stomp a  2nd time a couple of seconds later (she was testing out the reliability of her flashlight test), and then you can hear 2  small knocks in succession right after that.

We tried to debunk it by checking out to see what could have made that noise, but there was nothing around that we could see that could have made that noise. After that, we didn’t get any other activity in that room, so we moved on.

brithkhWe moved on to the Master Bedroom where Col. John Harris and his wife, Henrietta slept. There were reports of EVPs saying “Get out!” And from what we were told, he did not like anyone sitting on his bed, so of course, we did just that. About halfway through our session in the Master Bedroom, you can hear one of our investigators, Wren, asking what may be a spirit move away from the flashlight, because it just turned on. And then what sounds like a woman singing in the background, right before you hear 2 drips, which we did not hear during the actual investigation.

At this point, we decided to take a short break. We didn’t break too long before deciding it was time to go back to the Children’s Room, which is a place that we all felt a little strange in when we took the tour of the house before the investigation. And our suspicion was correct. It was a very strange feeling place. Rick from S.P.O.O.KS, Wren, and I all felt a cold-shivering feeling as soon as we got inside the children’s room.

It didn’t take long to hear some strange whistling. Here, you can hear someone getting situated on the floor and the floor creaking and me explaining the creaky noise to another investigator when we heard it before. Then you hear a whistle and what sounds like whimpering or whining right before Rick says, “Are you scared of the dark and just want the lights on?”

A couple of minutes later, you hear the same whistle, but a little more faint after Brittany stops explaining to whatever spirits may be in the room to make the K2 meter change colors.

cribhkh We were only sensing and hearing little things. Chills, strange sights from the corner of our eyes, whistling… until this happened; about 13  seconds into this audio recording, you can hear what sounds like a flick of the fingers. At this time, it felt like someone took their fingers and  flicked the collar of my shirt and the tip of my ear. I felt the hair stand on the back of my neck and a chill right before it happened, as you  might be able to tell from the deep breath that I took right before you hear the flick. Immediately after, Brittany said she’s pretty sure she  saw something kneeling down right next to me.

We talked about that incident for a good 10 minutes and could not figure out any logical reason that could happen. My hair began to stand up on end and it gave me enormous chills. We headed out, but we promised to return and give the possible spirit children and cookie when we returned.

We then went back to the Master Bedroom and set everything up there. And Rick started asking questions. Right before he says, “Hattie are you here?” You can hear a noticeable sound, which sounds like a person saying, “Hattie are you here?” Right before Rick asks that question!

We didn’t get much else in that room and we did not hear that while we were in the room. We stayed there for about 20 minutes and then went on to the Harris bedroom down the hallway. And we were in for a surprise!

Now, Brittany from S.P.O.O.KS is a redheaded Irish girl. When they investigated that room before, they caught an EVP that said, “paddy wagon” and the spirit in that room seemed to not like Brittany very much. The spirit seemed to pick on her for being Irish (later, myself and Wren confessed to our Irish heritage in that room as well, but we didn’t seem to get any attention from it). But Brittany got some attention. Whoever was in that room, did not want Brittany want to be there. In the Harris bedroom, there were 2 large folding panel screens and Brittany was sitting on a chair right in front one of them. These folding screens were pretty solid and do not move easily. And… well, take a listen to what happens. Keep in mind that nobody is standing by the folding screens at this time.


^ Moments after the folding screen behind Brittany just about fell on her.

Wren and I checked behind the folding panel to make sure there was nothing leaning against it or that there was nothing that could have pushed it over like an animal that may have snuck into the house (which Brittany really wanted us to make sure there were no raccoons there, because she couldn’t handle a “scary animal,” haha!). There was nothing! You can hear what sounds like the folding panel being lifted up a bit and then pushed. It almost fell on Brittany, but stopped before it could topple over and she was not harmed. About 5 minutes later, after what had just happened finished sinking in, Brittany had some questions for Mr. Harris, who is suppose to haunt his own room. And he seemed to have an answer.

At 11 seconds (around the end of the audio), you can hear a voice go, “Yeah!” Try to ignore the sound of the clock ticking and some of the other investigators whispering, and focus on the sound at the end of the audio. After that, we were taunting Mr. Harris to repeat his pranks, and we heard some unexplained sounds, but not much else besides that. We were also getting some K2 meter hits in one certain spot that we were not getting before. We checked electromagnetic readings everywhere, and we did get some readings from the closet where a heater was located, but not on the other side of the wall, which stood between the strange spot where the K2 meter was registering (in the middle of the room) and the heater.

The unexplained sounds mainly sounded like clanging on pipes, which we didn’t hear before, but we thought maybe there were just old piping around. We’re not sure, and then we got a strange sound like this, which you can hear right before Larry says, “The temperature’s dropping,” which was not heard at the time of the investigation.

After a good 20 minutes in the room, we decided to leave and collect our thoughts back at the HQ room of the house. Then we decided to investigate the children’s room one more time. While we were in there, Larry reported seeing what looked like a large black shadow of a man in the Master Bedroom, which we could see from the children’s room. We all saw it, and it looked like a large man was making the bed. And although, we didn’t catch anything on audio, it felt like someone tugged on the back of my shirt right before Wren and another investigator, DeAusha, said they felt like someone ran past them. And that was right after I decided to pull a prank of my own on everyone in that room:

Yeah, I’m a jerk. I’m usually not. But everyone was getting chills and huddling close together while I was standing back and watching this unfold. I could not resist scaring the crap out of them.


Conclusion: I ended up leaving around 11pm, because I had work the next day, but I thoroughly enjoyed this investigation and wouldn’t mind going back. We got a lot of good evidence, and if you are into history and paranormal investigations, definitely check this place out! The website is at the top of this article. Also check out S.P.O.O.KS Investigations! They are a great group of people and watch for any events they have going on!

Unfinished Business

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I was pretty excited on the 9-hour drive from Kansas City to Louisville, KY with my paranormal club team last year in March. We were heading to the infamous Waverly Hills Sanitorium for an all night paranormal investigation. We had the place to ourselves from 8pm – 4am.

When we arrived, I was even more pumped. The road went up the hill and through the trees who were waiting for spring for their leaves to return. At the top of the hill was Waverly Hills, a very eerie old building which was once used as an old insane asylum as well as a hospital. It looked just as like you imagine it would; an old broken down hospital.

I won’t go through the entire investigation, because I had already done that in my review for Waverly Hills, but what I will say is that I feel like I have some unfinished business at that place. As I said in my review, I got sick after going up to the 5th floor for the 2nd time during the investigation. I don’t even remember walking back down the steps to get back to the “home base” area. There were a row of tables and steel chairs in the home base / gift shop area, and I plopped down across the chairs and fell asleep. I felt nauseated, dizzy, and like I was about to pass out. I slept for the next 2 1/2 hours, until the end of the investigation, where I went to talk to other team members who were investigating the body shoot… which seemed to be having a lot of activity at that time.

I witnessed a couple of things, got a couple of pictures, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I have to go back.

- Jason Grimm

The investigation at the Harris-Kearney House in Kansas City, MO (Westport area) concluded Saturday night. I left a little early (at 11pm), because I had work the next morning and I am still currently reviewing the EVPs, so they will not be posted until all evidence has been reviewed. There were some decent pictures, but from what I have seen, there wasn’t too much great picture evidence. One or two things that could pass for “paranormal,” but I’m not so sure. So don’t expect amazing pictures being posted on here.

We did have some crazy stuff happen to us, which was caught on the digital recorder and needs to be further reviewed. Some stuff that I really want to talk about right now, but will have to wait until all evidence is reviewed and everything will be submitted in another post.

Until then, hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!

- Jason Grimm

Harris Kearney House – Kansas City, MO; Westport District


My friends from S.P.O.O.KS Investigations have invited me to participate in an investigation at the Harris Kearney House in Kansas City tomorrow with them and a group of their students. The investigation starts out in the afternoon with a discussion about the Harris Kearney House and paranormal investigations as a whole, then the actual investigation in the evening.

I’m looking forward to this investigation and hanging out with a fun group of people. It’s been almost a year since I last did an investigation and this would a great way of getting back into it again.

I enjoy investigating historical houses & museums. There is usually a small fee attached to doing so, but the fees go towards helping and renovating these historical locations. I highly encourage everyone to visit their local museums and learn about its history, so that we can make sure these places are still open and in operation for decades to come.